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Automotive 101: Repair My Car or Start Shopping?

Automotive 101: Repair My Car or Start Shopping?

Automotive 101: Repair My Car or Start Shopping? With tax time just behind us, many of us are either having to pay Uncle Sam or are waiting for that sweet tax return to hit our hands. If you’re planning for a large tax return this year, you probably have big plans for this windfall of money. Lots of times, we think that it may be that perfect time to upgrade from that old car – but is this always the best choice? Costs of New Auto Loans Purchasing a new or new used car can be a very exciting experience. Let’s face it – it’s usually a real thrill to walk onto a car lot, look at all the fancy new gadgets, and imagine a shiny new vehicle parked in your driveway. Once the car “fever” subsides and we come back to reality, what are we really signing up for? Vehicle prices are at an all-time high with the average car payment being around $475 per month. The terms of automotive loans have also increased from 60 month terms up to 84 month terms. While 84 months doesn’t seem ... read more




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