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Check Engine Light FAQs with Our Mesa Auto Shop

Check Engine Light FAQs with Our Mesa Auto Shop

One of the most dreaded lights to pop up on your vehicle’s dash is the check engine light. For most of us, when this light appears, all we see is dollar signs. You basically have two choices when you see your check engine light. First, you can cut a piece of black tape and cover that little warning light and go on like you never saw it (which we don’t advise), or you can find a local and highly trusted automotive repair shop in Mesa and have them take a look at it to determine what the actual issue is. We want to help you realize that when this dreaded light turns up it doesn’t always means a costly fix, especially if you don’t ignore it. What is the purpose of my check engine light? Your check engine light is a way for your vehicle to warn you that something isn’t right. We all have a pretty good idea how high tech and smart most of the new vehicles on the market are and that they have many computers that are controlling and monitoring just about everything your car is do ... read more




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