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We are all pretty familiar with the idea of automotive repair but many of us don’t realize this isn’t the same as automotive maintenance.  When our vehicle breaks down we take it to the mechanic to have it looked at and the broken part “repaired.”  Automotive maintenance is different. It is keeping your vehicle in optimal condition by having it inspected by a mechanic more frequently and having supportive services completed such as oil changes, brake inspections and tune-ups to name a few.  In your vehicles lifetime you are most likely to experience a need for both automotive repair and maintenance.  We realize that unplanned automotive repairs can be troubling.  At 521 Automotive, our Mesa auto mechanics work tirelessly to make the repair process as easy and stress-free as possible.




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Small Auto Repairs

Oil Changes

With your oil change, we complete a complementary vehicle inspection along with checking all the fluids and topping them off if necessary.

Check Engine Light

Our experienced auto technicians connect your vehicle to one of our diagnostic computers and diagnose why your check engine light is on.

Belts and Hoses

Replacing your vehicles belts and hoses is necessary maintenance.  If there are any cracks on your belts or hoses it is time to replace them.  Or if they feel hard or extremely soft.  Every 2 to 4 years it is wise to replace them before they fail.

Battery Testing

We use a computer to check your battery and make sure it still is working at its optimal level.  You may not notice your battery is starting to fail and this is one way to avoid being stranded.

Suspension Issues

If your car all of a sudden has a bouncing ride, starts pulling during turns or takes a nose dive or dip when you come to a stop you may have suspension issues.  We will do an inspection of your vehicle and determine what needs attention and what would be the best fix for your vehicle.

Brake Flush

Replace your brake fluid per your car manufactures recommendation or if it is needed due an issue such as moisture getting into the fluid.

Exhaust System

We will check to make sure your muffler is intact and there are no rust issues.  We will also inspect your exhaust hangers.


Some signs your alternator is starting to fail is your battery light in your dash may light up or your vehicle may run but your lights may dim after driving.  Your alternator can be tested and if it is no longer good we can replace it.

Transmission Service

We start out by doing a visual inspection of your transmission fluid followed by a test drive.  If only a transmission service is needed, we perform this by draining the fluid, replacing any applicable filters and we replace the fluid according to the manufactures recommendation.

Radiator Replacement

Our experienced Mesa auto repair technicians can remove and replace your vehicle’s radiator.  If you notice any signs of your vehicle leaking coolant, your vehicle is low on coolant, or if your vehicle starts to overheat, these are all signs you may need to replace your radiator.

Brake Inspections

When we complete brake inspections, our Mesa auto mechanics will replace the brake pads and either resurface or replace the rotors as needed.

Power Steering Flush

We take special care to replace your vehicles power steering fluid according to manufacturers’ guidelines.

A/C Service

We diagnose leaks within your vehicle’s A/C system and determine what’s needed, from replacing your compressor to replacing a fitting.  We can recharge your A/C with Freon to make sure you stay cool during the hot Arizona summers.  

Tune Ups

It could be the replacement of your spark plugs and/or spark plug wires to needing a cap and rotor and needing your timing adjusted.  This is something we can review with you when you bring your vehicle in.

Water Pumps

A coolant leak coming from the front center of your vehicle is a sign that your water pump could be failing.  At 521 Automotive in Mesa, our certified and experienced auto technicians will inspect your vehicle for failed water pumps and replace the water pump if necessary.




Lights and Vehicle Safety

Our Mesa car repair and automotive experts can replace any lights on your vehicle that might not be working correctly, such as headlights, taillights, brake lights, and license plate lights.  Inspecting your windshield wipers to make sure they are in good working order and replacing them if necessary is another item that falls in the safety category.  Lastly, we check the abilities of your horn to ensure your drive is a safe one.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

We perform a visual inspection of the fluids, body, suspension, tires, under the hood and under the car.  We will review the internal and external condition of the vehicle and inform you of any defects or safety concerns.  With the seller’s permission, we will hook our computer to the car to scan for any possible issues as well as take it for a test drive.  You can bring the vehicle directly to our shop or, in most cases, we can come to you.

Fleet Services

We have the ability to service anything from a car or truck to larger service vehicles such as the Isuzu NPR’s.  We do our best to service your fleet when it will have the smallest impact on your daily business operations so that it doesn't cause added stress to your employees or clients.  In most cases, we can pick up and return the vehicle to your business.  If you are interested in our fleet services, please call us for more details.

Large Auto Repairs

Head Gaskets

Our team of Mesa auto repair specialists will inspect for a possible blown head gasket and, if necessary, repair or replace them.

Electrical System Issues

Electrical issues can be a frustrating issue because they can be intermittent. We are very skilled at tracing down and fixing these issues.

Transmission Replacement

If you have a failed transmission we can either send it out to be rebuilt or we can help you find the right new transmission to replace it with.

Engine Replacement

The mechanics at 521 automotive remove and replace your engine and any necessary components such as the intake, gaskets, belts, hoses etc.

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