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Looking for an automotive maintenance shop you can trust?  521 Automotive is a certified NAPA AutoCare Center, our technicians are all ASE Certified, and we offer affordable rates and years of experience.

Types of Car Maintenance Services

Keeping your vehicle in top condition is just as important to keeping yourself in shape.  We know that to keep our bodies running at optimal condition we need to eat healthy and exercise.  For our vehicles to run at their optimal condition they need general maintenance.

Some examples of general maintenance services are regular oil changes, brake inspections, brake flush, power steering flush, coolant flush, battery testing, replacement of belts and hoses, general vehicle safety inspections, and tune-ups.

Preventative Auto Maintenance

When you are on a general maintenance schedule with your vehicle it helps to lessen the chance for larger auto repairs.  For example, doing a brake flush when it is recommended can help protect you from more costly repairs such as having to replace all the brake lines or worse having your brakes malfunction.  The other benefit of general maintenance is having your vehicle looked over more frequently by a professional.  During these inspections you are more likely to catch issues early and this helps avoid small issues from snowballing into large ones.

We all know what we feel like after a long day of work.  We can’t wait to get home and relax and rest to “re-charge our batteries.”  Maintaining your vehicle keeps it from feeling tired.  We expect a lot out of our vehicles.  When we turn the key we expect our vehicle to fire up and to be ready to work for us.  None of us thinks “gosh…I hope my vehicle isn’t too tired today to want to turn on and drive me to work.”  What most of us don’t think about is daily driving takes a toll on your vehicle.  Of course your vehicle is meant to be driven but what we need to remember is maintenance is vital to your vehicle and what keeps it running in top condition whenever we ask it to.

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